Fresh Food Events Statement on Covid-19 (Coronavirus)

This statement supercedes and replaces all previous notices.


How we as a business are dealing with it.


We are following all UK and Welsh Government guidelines. We serve events in both England and Wales and must respond appropriately to the different sets of rules in both countries.


As a food business, Fresh Food Events is used to working with the highest hygiene standards. Surfaces are disinfected regularly, staff wash their hands to strict protocols and processes are in place to ensure the safety of our food at all times. These are the same measures the Government is asking us all to follow to minimise the spread of Covid-19. We have also developed Covid-19 specific protocols for service.

All our staff are also aware that they must refrain from work if they are unwell, which is standard practice for all food businesses. This is included as a term in their contracts of employment.


These safeguards are always tightly enforced to ensure the health of both our clients and their guests, and our own staff.


When UK or Welsh Government guidelines change, we will review as needed and liaise with our clients as soon as is practicable.


What it means for our customers


We are working with couples on a  date by date basis.

What happens if you need to cancel / postpone your event

We will do everything we can to work with you and communication is vital. However the following terms will apply;


By booking with us you will pay, or have paid a Booking Fee / Deposit which guarantees our availability on the agreed date. By accepting your order, Fresh Food Events is then contractually bound to be available on that date and the price of this is the Booking Fee. It is therefore non refundable. Legislation recognises that we have already delivered a valuable service by guaranteeing your date.


Should you need to postpose your Wedding as a result of Government Guidelines, if we can agree a mutually agreeable date, then your Booking Fee will carry forward to the new date without penalty or cost.

If we cannot agree a new date, and the contract is frustrated as a result of Government Guidelines, then the Booking Fee will be refunded less costs incurred. Any such costs will be detailed to you.

If your wedding can go ahead but is restricted in numbers and you want to re-schedule, then you are doing so by choice, and the new date will require a new Booking Fee. The original Booking Fee will be forfeit.

Should we be able to re-sell your original date, then we will refund the Booking Fee paid for that date.


If your balance has been paid, and the wedding is postponed, if no staff and ingredient costs have been incurred, we will refund the balance or carry it forward to your new date. If costs have been incurred, and we cannot agree an alternative date, will refund the balance less those costs. We will provide a detailed explanation of those costs.

If we can agree a new date and have also incurred costs for your original date, you will be liable for all costs incurred and the costs for your new date.

Any losses you incur as a result of Government Restrictions should be claimed from your Wedding Insurance.


Should Fresh Food Events need to cancel your Wedding as a result of COVID 19 then we will refund the Balance as above.