We're very proud to have held the sole Caterer Contract for the FAW Trust for 9 years at Dragon Park in Newport.

We get to know all the candidates on the UEFA Licence Couses, the Squads, what they like and how to serve it!
We've worked with sports nutritionists for many years and are honoured to have served national teams here in Wales. Pre or post match, training camps or on the move...nutritious and tasty options to suit.


Nutrition is incredibly important for sportsmen and women. Protein and Carbohydrates have to be balanced and served at the right time. Nothing fried. Everything fresh.


From Home Made Trail Mix for visiting North American Soccer Teams to pre-travel fuelling for Under 15's....


Breakfast on the go for Grooms at Equestrian Events....Sandwich bags for Training Camps....

Officials at Events....


We'll work to your instructions and bring our experience to bear as well.

A happy team is a well fed winning team!!