A Reminder of Rules and Regs....These are extracts from our Contract of Employment


Each Event is different and working hours will be established to suit the event. You must be flexible in your approach to available hours.

On arrival at the Kitchen you will be required to "clock In" on the company's time clock to register your attendance.

Where you are asked to report to the kitchen for the start of work, to assist In preparation, any travel time thereafter will be Included in payable hours.

Where travel Is arranged by FFE from an agreed pick up point (including the kitchen) to the Event and back, then Travel Time will not be paid.

For the avoidance of doubt, if no work in the kitchen is required then travel time will not be paid.

When offering work, approximate end times for the shift will be given, but events can vary and you should be flexible In your available end time.

You will be offered work in good time before each event. Should you accept that work, you have made a  binding commitment that you will be expected to fulfil. This is to allow FFE to organise staff as needed for each event with the necessary level of confidence. Should your availability change having accepted work, one weeks notice is required except in the case of emergency or illness.

You are not expected to be available for every event offered to you. As the business is event based, we cannot guarantee hours and in return we understand that you may not be available for every event offered. Not being available will not affect future offers of work.


You will only be paid for the hours that you work. The Company operates a monthly payroll operated by its appointed Accountants.

Your rate of pay will be agreed with The Company and reviewed from time to time.
Your rate of pay is absolutely confidential between you and the Company and must not be discussed with any other work colleagues.

You will be paid up to the 20th of each month in that months Payroll. Work after the 20th will be paid the following month.

Monies will be paid directly into your bank account for the hours worked in the previous period. The Company will make all necessary deductions from your salary as required by law.



During each assignment you are required at all times to comply with the relevant Company rules, policies and procedures in force from time to time including but not limited to

A professional presentation and attitude is essential;

You will be expected to wear a purple shirt, grey apron and black trousers provided by FFE.

Black shoes (Leather School Type Shoes - No VANS no Converse). Absolutely no trainers. If in doubt ask before you buy anything.

Long hair should be tied back into central ponytail.

Kitchen staff will wear headwear, overalls and shoes not worn outside. Overalls will be provided.


Bad language at Events will not be tolerated.

Jewellery;  Small Ear studs for pierced ears only. NO facial piercings to be worn. In the kitchen, no jewellery at all apart from wedding rings.


Make Up; Little or preferably no makeup should be worn. No Nail polish/gel nails. No False eyelashes.

In the kitchen - no make up is allowed, including Nail polish and gel / false nails.


You will be expected to start work at an appointed time, not arrive at that time.

If you fail to report for an allocated shift, without giving notice, you will be deemed to have resigned, and will be offered no further work.

If ill and unable to work, you must inform FFE Management at the earliest opportunity.


You will be trained in, and expected to abide by, ALL hygiene conditions.

Any illness will require you to refrain from work for 48 hours from the time your symptoms cease.


Mobile Phones should not be carried during service periods and should be set to silent during these times.


Friends are not allowed to visit you whilst you are working.


You are not allowed to make any postings on social media regarding your work or operation of the Kitchen without the prior consent of FFE Management.


FFE often serves famous people. You must not disclose their presence to anyone outside of FFE prior to an event and are explicitly prohibited from making any social media postings about them after the event.

You must respect their privacy and must NOT approach them for autographs, "selfies" or for any other purpose other than to fulfil your job description.


At no time should you allow yourself or FFE to be compromised by your actions.


You will follow all instructions received on an event by event basis and must be flexible in your approach to delivery.


You are expected to report for work in a fit healthy state, rested, sober and ready to perform your duties.

Should you arrive unfit for work, you will be sent home and may be subject to dismissal as a result.


Any issues or concerns arising during the course of your duties should be reported to FFE Management immediately.

FFE Management will work to resolve any issues at the earliest opportunity. Examples of issues include but are not restricted to

  • Instructions needed for service delivery

  • Client comment or complaint

  • Disagreements with other team members


No promises or other undertakings may be made to clients without the express permission of FFE Management

During events FFE will take photographs for publicity purposes and will post them on social media etc. By accepting work, you accept that your image may be published online.