Fresh Food Event Catering Standard Terms and Conditions 

General Terms

  1. Fresh Food Events is the Trading Name of Fresh Food Event Catering Limited. The Registered Office is at Northgates, Dinham Road, Caerwent, NP26 5NT.

  2. Company number 08907518. VAT Registration Number 225705813  

  3. These Terms and Conditions, together with the detail in the Proposal, form the entire agreement between the Client and Fresh Food Events, and are governed by the Law in England and Wales.

  4. The Client’s details are shown on the Order Form.

  5. Fresh Food Events enters into this contract with you, The Client as Named on the Order Form, not your chosen Venue. Where rules imposed by the Venue are contrary to those agreed in The Proposal, we will ask you our Client, to help resolve the position. Ultimately, we take our instructions from you, our Client.

Proposal and Order

  1. You agree that the Proposal is strictly confidential between you and Fresh Food Events. It must not be disclosed to any third party.

  2. We are happy to amend the proposal as many times as needed, up to the point that final numbers and menus are agreed in The Delivery Document (see below) even following your order.

  3. This process will do much to assist your planning (including such items as furniture etc if required) and as such you accept it delivers a valuable service.

  4. When you decide to go ahead with us, (when you consider the Version of the Proposal to be correct), we would ask you to print, complete, sign and send us an image of the signed Order Form which is the back page of this document.

  5. On receipt of your order form, we will invoice you for the Booking Fee as shown on the Order Form, generally 10% of the total order value.

  6. Payment of the Booking Fee secures the date. All payments should be made by Bank Transfer.

  7. The Booking Fee is only refundable if the order is cancelled in writing within 14 days of the date on the order form.

  8. Should you want to amend the order details after you have placed the order – that’s fine. As noted above the Proposal can be amended. Such amendments may affect the final pricing. The Final Balance will include the Booking Fee which you will have already paid, so that you have an overall statement of pricing.

  9. The final details of the Event will be recorded in the Delivery Document which will form the final contract between us (see below).

  10. Payment of the Balance is due strictly four weeks before the Event Date. Meal Numbers and services may be added to after this time but not reduced. The Balance is non-refundable in any event.

  11. No third party orders will be placed until the balance is paid.

  12. Where Children between the ages of 4 and 12 are served the same menu as the Adults, they will be charged half price. Otherwise children’s meals are by quotation.

  13. Any food prepared for Children Under Four years old will be subject to a per head charge.

  14. Pricing is valid for 45 Days. Events are often planned a long time in advance and the cost of ingredients and staffing may increase between the time of order and delivery. We will always try to absorb any supplier price increases but reserve the right to pass on any such increases. This would be explained as part of your final balance.

  15. We recommend you take out Wedding / Event Insurance and any costs incurred as a result of a cancellation on your part should be sought from your insurances.

Delivery Document

  1. Final details will be recorded in a “Delivery Document”.

  2. The final details of your day will be discussed to allow the Delivery Document to be prepared and sent to you approximately six weeks before the Delivery Date.  It will be a comprehensive statement of the Goods and Services that Fresh Food Events will deliver and will detail all roles and responsibilities for all parties concerned.

  3. The Delivery Document will form the final Contract between us. Please ensure the Delivery Document details exactly what you expect as this is what will be delivered.

  4. Please read The Delivery Document through carefully. Should amendments be needed please inform us with 24 hours of receipt. When in doubt, please make contact with Fresh Food Events. A new Version will then be issued for your agreement.

  5. The Final Pricing will be shown in the Delivery Document as pricing may have been varied from the Proposal, affected by final numbers, menu changes etc.

  6. The Balance Payable will be that detailed in the Delivery Document less the Booking Fee already paid.

  7. The Guest numbers as shown in the Delivery Document cannot be decreased unless Fresh Food Events is informed in writing within 24 hours of its issue per Clause 3.4 above.

  8. The Final Balance Invoice will be based on the figures shown in the Delivery Document and will be raised 24 hours after the Delivery Document is issued.

  9. The Final Balance Invoice must be paid by Bank Transfer 28 days before the Delivery Date.

  10. Payment of the Final Balance Invoice will confirm your acceptance of the contents of the Delivery Document.

  11. Should you cancel following payment of the Final Balance it will be non refundable.

  12. Any changes requested to the Delivery Document after the Final Balance Invoice has been raised will be subject to a £40 Administration charge.

  13. The Delivery Document will be subject to this set of Terms and Conditions unless agreed otherwise in writing.


Third Party Suppliers

  1. Hired In Items (including but not limited to Linen, Crockery, Cutlery and Tableware etc) are subject to the terms of the supplier(s). Having placed your order, you are liable for the full hire in charges as outlined in the Delivery Document and as confirmed by the Supplier.

  2. Fresh Food Events will manage the order, delivery and collection of third party equipment on your behalf and a small administration charge is included in your proposal to account for this.

  3. You can choose to pay the Third Party Supplier directly. Where you ask Fresh Food Events to pay the Supplier on your behalf, a refundable Hire in Bond of £100.00 will be added to the overall total payable 4 weeks in advance of the Event.

  4. Unaccounted for, or damaged items on return, will be charged to you at cost, by the Hire In Company or deducted from the Hire In Bond paid to Fresh Food Events, which will be repaid to you when the Hire In invoice is received by Fresh Food Events (Generally within 14 days of the Event Date).

  5. Repayment of Bond Balances will be by BACS to your account. We will request the details from you at the time of repayment.

  6. Where deductions from the Hire in Bond are made, a copy of the original supplier invoice will be provided to explain this.

  7. Hired In Items will be delivered wherever possible, and where appropriate, the day before to allow you to set up and dress tables etc.

  8. Fresh Food Events will gather together all hired in items at the end of service, (including Glassware) ready for collection by the Hire In Company.

  9. Where such items as furniture and linen need to be left in place, it will be your responsibility to gather them together with the other items ready for collection on the next working day by The Supplier.

  10. Where Fresh Food Events is delivering and collecting 3rd Party equipment, we will agree collection arrangements with you. Should Fresh Food Events be required to return to the venue the following day to collect equipment, charges will be levied at £15.00 per hour and £0.45 pence per mile.


  1. Where agreed, we will meet with you at your Venue the Day before your event to finalise details. We will agree a timed appointment to do this. That timing must be adhered to otherwise we reserve the right to levy charges for waiting time.

  2. On your Wedding Day, we expect to complete Service in three hours (including cleardown) from the agreed dining time. We reserve the right to levy further charges to cover staff costs should attendance be required beyond this time.

  3. Fresh Food Events will use all reasonable endeavours to ensure service is available at the times noted in the Delivery Document but cannot be held liable for delays as a result of any and all third party activity, extreme weather conditions or any mechanical breakdown.

  4. Where a secondary evening service is included, service will be provided until the agreed Evening End Time as shown in the Delivery Document.

  5. All food remains the property of Fresh Food Events until served.

  6. All food is prepared and delivered according to strict guidelines as set down by Monmouthshire County Council – Fresh Food Event Catering Limited’s pertinent Environmental Health Authority (MCCEHO). Specifically, food is prepared and maintained at the required temperatures for the times required by MCCEHO and is subsequently displayed and served in accordance with the same set of rules.

  7. Where any food moves away from FFE Management, (eg where the Client provides their own food as part of the event or takes away leftovers for later consumption), The Client accepts all responsibility for the hygiene of such food and FFE cannot be held responsible for any issues arising from food hygiene matters as a result.

  8. Wine Service may be included in your proposal. We charge £2.00 per bottle or £3.00 per Magnum for Wine Service. If Wine Service is specifically excluded from your Proposal FFE will not have any involvement in the delivery, opening or serving of wines.

  9. Toasting Service may be included in your proposal if required. We charge £2.00 per bottle or £3.00 per Magnum for Toasts  Service. If the Toasts Service is not included in your Proposal, FFE will have no involvement in the delivery, opening or serving of wines.

  10. All required catering and waiting staff will be supplied by Fresh Food Events from its experienced Team.

  11. The attendance of Named Individuals cannot be guaranteed unless specifically agreed in writing in advance.

  12. It is sad to have to include this clause, but Fresh Food Events reserves the right to suspend or withdraw service should staff be subjected to abuse in any form. Fresh Food Events will be the sole arbiter of what constitutes “abuse” in any form.

  13. Where Fresh Food Events is using kitchen facilities at your chosen location, we must be afforded exclusive access for Health and Safety purposes. Our insurances may not be valid should guests or other people have uncontrolled / unsupervised access, during service, to the kitchen, which is not a risk averse area.

  14. Any fees for the use of kitchens or other facilities at your chosen venue must be borne by you.

  15. Any complaint or issues arising during service must be communicated to Fresh Food Events at the time as it impossible to rectify issues after the event.


Data and Marketing

  1. By signing the order form, you agree that Fresh Food Events will hold your contact details for the purposes of service and contact with you thereafter.

  2. Your details will not be passed to any third party unless you ask us to introduce you to a specific third party supplier.

  3. You agree that Fresh Food Events can take photographic images of your event for marketing purposes.

  4. Both parties undertake not to make any negative comments regarding the other on social media of any kind.

  5. Any issues should be addressed immediately and directly to Fresh Food Events. We will do our utmost to resolve them at the earliest opportunity.

----------------- End of Terms ---------------

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